Daniel is a launch systems engineer with experience in the fields of engineering, physics and mathematics. He has outstanding knowledge in space systems engineering as a whole and subsystem interaction with an enthusiastic spirit, proven at Airbus' innovation academy. Having carried out projects focusing on asteroid retrieval missions and infrastructure for the UK spaceport with the UK Space Agency, Daniel has gained the technical knowledge to contribute to his strong ambition of deep space exploration. He has written articles within the physics and space industries, and has three scientific publications to his name, including co-author of the 'Time Compression Theory'.  BACK

With 40 years' experience in the fields of engineering, mathematics and physics. The vast majority of his professional career has been working within new technologies and prototyping. John has worked at a range of companies, both freelance and contract, including both Roll Royce British Aerospace and at the lyndon b Johnson Space Centre, On projects to hologram moon rock. During the 80’s to the mid 2000’s he also freelanced to many television broadcasters as a guest presenter for science related subjects on many TV shows both for children and adults. Broadcasters included BBC, ITV, Nickelodeon, Disney.  

John has also written a number of science books for children and co-authored scientific papers including, 'Time Compression Theory'.   BACK


Valerie has been a software engineer for the last 15 years, graduating with first class honours in Computer Science and also holding a degree in Accountancy and Finance. She has lead many software engineering projects across a variety of companies, from fintech startups to international companies such as Skyscanner and Deliveroo.   BACK


Brendan has a background in mathematics with a particular focus towards its applications in orbital mechanics and astrodynamics. He is applying his knowledge within mathematics and astrodynamics to calculate trajectories within the Interplanetary Transport Network. Brendan is currently undertaking a project that analyses the geology of the lunar surface and more specifically, the Apollo missions landing sites.  Back


Jamie has over 15 years’ experience supporting users of varying skill levels in public and private sector experience of many data-center migration/upgrade projects including storage, server and networking. Worked in first, second and third line support positions. Jamie has an avid interest in Virtualization and Microsoft technology having completed certifications in both VMware and Microsoft.  Back

Pentland Precision Ltd

For over 20 years Pentland Precision have been supplying complex precision components & assembly services to small, medium and large global clients within the world’s most demanding industries, including: Aerospace, Defense, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications and Automotive. 

Their 25’000 sq/ft production and assembly facility boasts a wide range of industry-leading equipment & technology, ensuring that they are always at the cutting edge of their industry.   

Pentland Precision will be working alongside us on all aspects of the MoonPIE probe, from prototyping to assembly of the final spacecraft for launch in 2025.  BACK


Co-founder, CTO at Adabotics Ltd.

Vladimir has a PhD in robotics and experience in the field form working as  Research Associate and a lab manager at the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics. He contributed to several UK and EU funded academic research projects as well as industry-led projects with partners within EU and Japan and a collaboration with NASA-JSC on robotics technology for their Mars mission. Vladimir's expertise ranges form industrial automation, through theoretical work on motion representation, algorithms and machine learning to system integration on humanoid robots.  Back

Dr Naheed

Understanding how people think, feel and behave is crucial when exploring marketing structures and how to engage with the public and other companies, as well as, longevity in sustaining our audiences' interest is key for organisations, whether that audience is early educational level or now in adult life. In terms of educational levels, developmental guidelines are useful and can be used as a benchmark for corporate interaction with young people. Generally, children enjoy and respond well to experiential learning approaches.  Back


Amal works as an independent researcher in Modern Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology. He has written a paper on 'Black Hole Astrophysics', as a direct result of the paper he was elected as a Fellow of The Royal Astronomical Society. Having been nominated by Lord Martin Rees (Britain's' Astronomer Royal and Emeritus at the University of Cambridge). Amal has the distinction of being the youngest person ever to be elected as a Fellow of this prestigious society. He has a deep curiosity about the Cosmos and how to unravel its secrets. He is dedicated to research and connecting to a wider audience, for the education of science as well as adding to his own growing knowledge of the universe and space travel.  Back


We are currently in conversations with Craig, who has 25 years experience in the business sector working with companies from start-ups to large corporates, both domestically and internationally. He has a great enthusiasm in science and recently has been applying his knowledge to assist science-related start-up companies. Back

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