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Quantum Telecommunication

Executive Summary

At present, in the first quarter of the 21st century, mankind’s need for fast and efficient and secure communications, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, is starting to outweigh the potential of today’s technologies. We are still using techniques, methods and principles which date back to the latter half of the 1800’s and expect that technology to deliver the high demands for our 21st century.
A Quantum Telecommunication System (QTS) is technology which offers instantaneous communication over infinite distance, with no latency, no need for line of sight, is 100% data secure and outperforms all of today's telecommunications including 5G.

Today’s Communication Problem

The need for telecommunications is growing exponentially, not only here on Earth but also as we begin our journey to other planets and possibly beyond our solar system. At this time, new communication technology for both Earth-bound communication and space communication is more vital than ever. No space age civilisation can move forward using just radio wave communication.
Modern telecommunications is currently slow, inefficient, relies on vast amounts of infrastructure to work and needs line-of-sight. Although vast amounts of money is invested per year, there are still large areas of the Earth with no communication possibility. Modern telecommunications are susceptible to malfunction, from animals chewing wires to space debris destroying satellites and many more disruptive influences.
The same slow and inefficient antiquated signal sending systems are used by companies within telecommunication, internet, media broadcasting, robotics, secure data transfer, security services, governments, military and even the space industry to communicate with spacecraft in orbit, or billions of kilometres away. We are trying to use obsolete technology which simply isn’t adequate for what we need.

The solution

Our solution to today’s telecommunication problems is to use well established quantum entanglement principles to develop instantaneous, unbreakable point-to-point communications. Quantum telecommunications provides the possibility to have seamless communications with very little infrastructure. The solution has none of the cabling, mobile radio towers, relaying station, satellites or fibre optical cabling required in today’s antiquated technology. There would be no region on Earth where you could not send or receive calls, texts, and data, whether you are in a mine 10km underground or on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Quantum Telecommunication technology is not confined to Earth-bound communications. It will be possible to communicate from Earth to Mars instantaneously, with zero-time delay and infinite data rate transfer, with 100% unbreakable security. As mankind ventures to capitalise on the mining potential of the asteroid belt, to colonise
planets and even leave our solar system, such instantaneous seamless communications will prove vital.
Quantum Telecommunication is not a disruptive technology, it is an extinction technology. At the time when the QTS was implemented all telecommunication systems as we know them today, would become obsolete.

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