European Mars lander suffers parachute damage in test, 1 year before launch

ESA's development of a European-Russian Mars lander has not been progressed as planned due to issues during a recent test. This is slightly worrying as they launch in a year! problem before its launch in a year.

On 28th of June ESA said that two parachutes suffered “unexpected damage”, which includes, several radial tears in its fabric, during a high-altitude test a month earlier in Sweden of the system that will slow down the ExoMars 2020 lander.

The lander makes use of two main parachutes, each deployed with the assistance of a smaller pilot parachute. The first parachute, 15 meters in diameter, is deployed when the descending spacecraft is traveling at supersonic speeds in the thin Martian atmosphere. It is released and the second parachute, 35 meters across, is deployed once the spacecraft slows to subsonic speeds.

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