TCT Aerospace's MoonPIE, give your the chance to take part in an actual mission. The mission's objective is to leave a lunar time capsule on the Moon's surface and return to Earth 1kg of Moon rock. This is your chance to be part of the mission, from becoming a member to sending a video to the Moon or even the ability to own shares in the mission's Moon rocks. These are ideal gift for adults and children, birthdays and christmas, or just to give someone the most unique present ever.


certificate moonpie mission

Certificate of Membership

You will receive an official pdf document denoting you are an honorary member of TCT Aerospace's MoonPIE mission. Becoming a member of the MoonPIE mission is a fantastic way for you to get involved and know you are part of the team who will be making history. 

As a valued member of the team, you will receive regular updates on the mission progress, from start to finish and will have access to information and images which only members like yourself will see. As a member you name will be digitised and sent to the moon in the Lunar Time Capsule.

Buy now - £5

Send a Video to the Moon + Membership

Do you want to send a video to the Moon? Well now you can! Make it happy, sad, funny, enthusiastic, boring, stupid or just crazy - say something about you or your life, your loved one or family for a future generation to hear. Sing, dance, or have a laugh, this is YOUR opportunity to send a video to the Moon in the lunar time capsule. This makes a perfect and unique gift!

You will also receive an official PDF document denoting you are an honorary member of TCT Aerospace's MoonPIE mission, which includes regular updates and other exclusive information and advantages.

video size max 100MB in size and no longer than 90 seconds in duration.


Moon Rock Share Certificate

TCT Aerospace's MoonPIE mission is due to launch in 2025 with part of its mission profile to return to Earth lunar rock samples. We are opening up a limited number of shares in  a quantity of 10g of this Moon rock to be made available for purchase by the general public. The 10g of moon rock will be sold, with the revenue raised divided between shareholders, equal to the number of shares they hold.


You will receive your share certificate by post within 14 days.

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