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QuadPace Software

Executive Summary

We live in a world where computers and software form an integrated part of our everyday lives. This situation is putting greater strains on the hardware aspect of the technology, with silicon chip technology facing obsolescence. Our need to keep increasing the quantity of switches in CUP’s, is down to computer programs becoming ever more complex and ever more binary code resource heavy.

As part of your Quantum Telecommunication development program, we needed to find a way to make today's binary code more efficient. At first this seems an impossible task, however, our team is known for its 'out-of-the-box way of thinking.


Traditionally we have looked at the solution to the problem, to be in the silicon chip design, so why haven’t we looked at a binary code solution? Because of the nature of binary code, it has been assumed that the basic model of the code can not be improved.


Our team has found a way to increase the efficiency of today's binary code by a factor of at least three and we are currently looking at a factor four improvement. The answer for more computer efficiency isn’t in the hardware, it’s actually in reducing the levels of 1’s and 0’s that slow silicon chip processing down. This reduction within the binary code also reduced file sizes and increased download speeds by a factor of three to four.

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