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Quantum Telecommunication

  • Over 100 X Faster than 5G

  • Integrated 100% data security

  • 100% global coverage

  • Line-of-sight not required

Our Story

  • Allowing computers to process faster by factor four

  • Reducing file sizes by a factor of four

  • Faster download speed by a factor of four

  • Faster data transfers by a factor of four

Where we started

Our small team of scientists and engineers came together in early 2018 to write and publish two revolutionary physics papers.

Time Compression Theory

TCT Aerospace Limited

Our small team went on in early 2019 to form TCT Aerospace Ltd in which our expertise could be focused on creating technologies to help humans colonise other


A new way of thinking!

We believe thinking outside the box is what really pushes science forward. So we are taking a new approach to projects we work on. One which allows our team to build technology that were thought impossible before.


Quantum Telecommunication System (QTS), utilises quantum entanglement to allow faster than light communications over infinite distances.


To design a spacecraft for deep space mission, which is 80% reusable for upto ten missions. Bringing down the cost of space missions and lowering mans ecological

impact on our solar system.

Asteroid Missions

Supplying near-Earth and deep space asteroid 

surveying missions, mineral retrieval missions and exploratory data to the commercial space industry.

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