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  • Allowing computers to process faster by factor four

  • Reducing file sizes by a factor of four

  • Faster download speed by a factor of four

  • Faster data transfers by a factor of four

  • Does not compress files

Our Story

What is QuadPace?

QuadPace, simply put, is the next generation of binary code format. Designed to allow computers to process four time faster with no change to any hardware.

The problem
What makes QuadPace so revolutionary?

QuadPace, holds four time the amount of information per bit as compared to standard binary. 

The solution so far
It does not compress!

QuadPace does not compress data. By applying an algorithm to the binary code, the binary code itself holds more information as compared to standard binary code. 

Now for the efficient solution

With the complexity of today computer programmes comes the increased volume of 1' & 0's used to build those programmes. Resulting in the growing demand on the computer chips to be able to process those greater number of bits in the shortest possible time.

For years it has been the computer hardware which industry has focused on to solve the increasing 1' & 0's problem. Building silicon chips with greater numbers of switches, running on higher and higher GHz.

Our team decided to look at the problem from a different angle, We asked ourselves the question. 'why is everyone trying to solve the problem with hardware, when all you have to do is reduce the volume of 1's & 0's that make up those computer programmes?'.

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